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A plugin for Hoodie that adds methods to add, read, update and delete encrypted documents and enable end-to-end encryption.

I used this package to learn test-driven-development and maintaining a package, that is published on npm. It was originally intended to be only a part of an other project of mine (Andromeda-Viewer), but I quickly recognized that it would be of good use for others.


Small web-client for connecting to the virtual worlds of Second Life and OpenSimulator.

This is my project where I can grow all my talents!

  • it must work with a third-party service, over both UDP and HTTP, using not documented protocols.
  • it needs a server.
  • it must run on mobile and desktop.
  • it must be 100% accessible.

Schichtkalender (shift-calendar)

A unofficial shift-calendar for Bosch in Reutlingen.

The original version is one of my oldest projects. But I realized, that it would be easier to re-write it than update it.

With the new version I focused almost exclusively a mobile experience. With a release size of 459kb (122,7kb without icons) I might have succeeded.

It is a PWA and would pass as JAMstack, but without a API-backend. At the moment it is only in German (because it is a utility app for my work). With it I learned a lot about making a web-app accessible for people with little to almost no computer knowledge. with open menu

open source

I also contribute some patches to open source projects:


Over the years I also helped to design and implement the CSS for web-sites.

My first page-design was of my scout-groups page

Because of it, I was then ask to help the with their redesign.

Later I lead the team that designed