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A warm thank you to Berlin

In September, this year, I visited the web-conference-marathon of and in Berlin. Which is part of WhatTheFest.

It was a blast!

But first things first:

For years I have watched the talks on their YouTube Channel. But I never thought of myself as good enough to attend it.

But one night I read on twitter, how a relatively new programer purchased a ticker for And encouraged by this, so did I.

What followed was months of euphoria and self-doubt.

There are no javascript meetings in my area. So this would be my first real meeting with web-developers. And also my first trip to Berlin.

On one of my euphoria moments I also bought a ticket for After all: if there is a day between the two JSConf-days, why not also attend CSSConf? And the Reject.js ticket didn’t cost so much, and so it got bought, too.

But the feeling that I wouldn’t fit didn’t go away.

Almost everything I have written in Javascript is inside an intranet. To have at least a project to show, I startet a chat-client. Most of the days I tried to work a minimum of 30 minutes a day on it. Which I really recommend everyone to do.

But I still had the feeling that my ticket did take away a place for one of the super über Javascript-libery developers. This stayed until I read an interview of one of the organizers of JSConf (in German). In it Jan Lehnardt stated that they are expecting ~600 Javascript-enthusiastics. Somehow this made me feel good. There is enough room for all. Maybe that he talked about Javascript-enthusiastics not developers also helped …

On Wednesday before Reject.js the organizers invited everyone interested to a local restaurant. I recommend everyone who has the opportunity for such kind of gathering to go and attend it! I met many awesome people that helped me throughout the weekend. Oh and the food was good.

First conference day and minutes in I was warmly greeted by folks I meet last evening. So the ice was already broken.

In the following days it was proven to my that all my fears were false:

  • I didn’t need to prove something to anyone
  • All where welcoming and friendly
  • There is plenty to talk about
  • And everyone is really happy if someone new comes to the community, ever if you are an absolute beginner
  • And it is really ok if you never have worked on an open source project

In the end I was even encourage to go to Because I have worked with UDP/Datagram and not many web-developers have done it.

Oh! And the food was fantastic!

Overall the conferences and their attendees create a wonderful atmosphere, where everyone can thrive without having to fear to be excluded.

I only regret not having talked to more people. But there is still JSUnconf and next year!

There is nothing to fear! If you have the chance of visiting a meetup or conference: go! It will transform you!

Berlin you beautiful city! Thank you for this awesome conference!

Hello World!

Wie beginnt man am besten einen Blog?

Ich fange einfach mal mit dem Warum und Wie an:

Demnächst werde ich ein Projekt starten, bei dem ich eine eindeutige Domain brauche. Um aber den Fortschritt und allgemeine Informationen zu vermitteln währe eine Seite oder auch ein Blog nützlich. Um den Wartungsaufwand zu verringern habe ich mich für einen Blog bei WordPress entschieden.

Nach dem ich jetzt über 5 Stunden gewartet habe bis meine Domain auf diesen Blog zeigt, kann ich jetzt anfangen.

Das Kaufen und Einrichten einer Domain war überraschend einfach! Wenn man bei Hover eine Domain kauft, kann man in einer Übersicht die Domainserver von WordPress eintragen. Dann bei WordPress die Domain einrichten. Und schon ist es fertig! Ich hätte mir schon früher eine Seite zulegen können …

Wahrscheinlich werde ich hier selten was schreiben. Mal schauen was die Zukunft bereit hält!